With over 83% of people using search engines to find services online, the search engines are becoming more important to your law firm. Search engine optimization is crucial to growing your business as competition in the market continues to grow. Without the presence of a strong website, it is hard to imagine how your firm will beat out your competitors. Type in a phrase relevant to your firm’s legal practices and geographical location and take a look at the search engine results. Does your website appear on the first page? What impression do your competitors give off? This leads to numerous reasons as the why search engine marketing is needed today.

Search engine optimization has a higher rate for long-term success of increasing targeted traffic with high conversion rates in comparison to traditional types of advertising. This ultimately leads to a high return on investment since SEO is much more cost-efficient. Optimizing your site in this way leads to a continuos flow of potential clients, making it a long-term benefit. No other form of advertising has been developed to create this outcome. For example, purchasing a print ad would most likely reach your targeted audience, yet this audience is small and the campaign ends as soon as the ad is pulled. This has no lasting results whereas optimization has a much larger impact and continues long-term.

The ability for search engine optimization to target very specifically leads to an excellent conversion rate. If your site is able to reach the top of the search engine results, your law firm’s business will shoot through the roof.