Law firm marketing revolves around the process of implementing strong keywords. By making use of the appropriate keywords, the advancement of your website increases. The first step in finding the right keywords is to start with your potential clients. What type of people are they and what services are they looking for? This will help answer all your marketing questions.

It is important that the keywords you choose for your site correspond to your potential clients and the phrases they are typing into the search engines when looking for a law firm. The process of deciding which keywords are right for your website should come easily once your truly understand your clients and their needs. You can start your research by conducting your own search for legal services. Take note of your top competitors and the look and feel of their websites. It is also good to know which search queries took you to their site and if those would be relevant for yours also. Remember these keywords and use them in your SEO campaign.

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Now that your firms has good keywords, you can start to implement certain SEM tactics to help boost your search engine rankings. The next thing to learn is where you should place these keywords throughout your website. Start with your domain name. The search engines see the URL of your website first, making the first stop in the decision of your search engine ranking. Most people don’t realize that there is value in the domain name and most don’t have anything to do with the purpose of the website. A common occurrence for lawyers is the have your personal name as the domain name. This could be damaging to your law firms because people are going to search for the type of law they are in need of rather than the lawyer’s personal names since they are unaware of that particular piece of information when looking for a lawyer.

Another place to insert your keywords is in the meta data and title tags of your website. Of course this falls onto the more technical side of things when it comes to web design, but the outcome is certainly worth the effort when implementing an optimization strategy. The navigation should also contain strong keywords because the search engine also scan this area.

Each website should also possess keywords in the heading as well as the content. Make sure your content flows and makes sense to the reader once your insert your keywords throughout. Avoid over using keywords because Google will categorize your site as spam which is the las