Whenever a business dispute occurs, it has the potential to disrupt and even do long-term damage to the individuals and businesses involved. Legal disputes can arise due to many factors. Often times the terms of a contract between multiple parties becomes a point of contention. No matter what caused the business dispute it can cause extreme stress on you and your business.

The attorneys at Roth Law Group want to help regardless of the reason, resolution of a dispute can take time away from day-to-day business operations. Disputes can escalate and damage the reputation of a business or individual without proper representation and guidance. Roth Law Group never looks at litigation as being the first option if there are more efficient and cost effective alternatives. The best choice for you might be using Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve your business dispute.

There are commercial arbitrators available, however, both the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois regularly allow pre-trial settlement conferences once a case has been filed.

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